I’m back ! Oteil Burbridge Trio (night one)

Boulder Theater

Boulder CO March 15, 2021

It was the show that was not meant to be, originally scheduled for February 1st and 2nd 2021 but pushed back due to a surge in Covid 19. The new dates were set for March 15th and 16th. Changed airline and hotel dates, re-arranged schedules and let’s go! Well not so fast, enter the largest snowstorm to hit Denver/Boulder in 15 years. Shit……..now what??

I was watching the storm closely with my travel partner Heidi and my favorite couple in crime Joe (aka front row Joe) and Tara who where meeting us there. Should we stay or go….forecast called for 24-36″ of snow in Boulder and was scheduled to slam the city on Saturday and Sunday. What did we do…….. we pivoted and changed flights to Monday. Joe and Tara set off on Sunday driving from Phoenix into the eye of the storm. We watched as 2500 flights were canceled at DIA and crossed our fingers that our flight would make it on Monday and somehow we could find our way to Boulder. Monday comes and our flights are not cancelled yet so off to the airport!

First flight was to Seattle, no problems. Second flight was to Denver and as you could expect problems. First small problem was that the Denver airport was closed until 2 PM and we were scheduled to land at 2:07 so Alaska Air pushed our flight back an hour so now we would get in at 3 PM. Could it work out, could we really be one of the first planes to land after the Denver airport was closed for 2 days?? The answer was yes!

Meanwhile Tara and Joe are driving and pulled off to spend the night in scenic Las Vegas NM. Pushing off early they were able to meet our flight at DIA and shuffle us to Boulder. If it were not for Tara and Joe picking us up we would have been stuck at DIA for hours as there were no Ubers and the taxi line was over 1000 people deep. Thanks again guys.

Our home away from home for the next couple of nights was the historic Hotel Boulderado as they say “A historic hotel for the modern traveler”. Great spot if you are ever in Boulder for a show at the Boulder Theater as it is basically one block from the hotel and you can see it from the front door.

Night one was just so much fun. We only had time to check in, grab a beverage and head to the venue. Life is strange and sometimes easy in the COVID world. Certainly this was one of the later. Walking into the venue with no line, quick temperature scan, ticket check was a breeze. The Boulder Theater holds 850 and for tonights show there were approximately 120 patrons so plenty of room to socially distance.

The first set started off with a very jazzy jam that I would later know is called Elegant People. The set one song selection then alternated between Grateful Dead standards like Loose Lucy and Golden Road and Jerry Band standards like Cats Under the Stars and the cover of the Beatles song Dear Prudence. I cant tell you how good it felt to see live music and dance, it was so good for our souls.

The second set opened with a rousing Run for the Roses and just magically flowed to a super upbeat Tough Mama. Wow so fun, what was really fun was seeing my travel partner and general partner in crime, Heidi, dancing next to, in front of and with me. I know more good times with music are in our future. The second set featured classics like Stella Blue and Lovelight and closed with Don’t Ease Me In. Such a great night one. We all left there psyched for night two. Set list follows curtsey of @oteil_burbridge on Instagram


One thought on “I’m back ! Oteil Burbridge Trio (night one)

  1. It’s nice when the stars align, it was really great spending those couple if days with you and Heidi. The music was so refreshing, the Boulder Theater was beautiful and quality experience at the Hotel Boulderado was luxurious. Thanks so much for getting the tickets and basically planning this much needed event! Glad to continue to be apart of your 60/60 (covid version). Look forward to more!!! Tara and Joe.


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