Show # 4 Boombox

Venue, Lucky You Lounge, Spokane Washington 2/04/2020

Capacity 320

Unplanned business trip, unplanned snowstorm and an unplanned overnight in Spokane led to a sleeper Tuesday night show at the Lucky You Lounge in Spokane WA. The Lucky You Lounge is a newer venue operated by the folks who had the Bartlett in Spokane for many years. With its small capacity and kitschy interior it is a fun place to catch a show. This my second time at the venue and both times I was impressed with the acoustics and the size. The Lucky You was a Polynesian restaurant in its former life in a part of Spokane that is now under gentrification. The interior is eclectic. So it was time to see how the old knee would do going to a show!

A sample of the eclectic interior of the Lucky You lounge

Well tonight’s music was a stretch outside of my usual musical boundaries. Trip hop/trance/electronica mixed with a blues and funk. Boombox has a strange connection, albeit not particularly musically, to the Grateful Dead. Boombox is comprised of two members; Kinsman MacKay and Zion Godchaux. If your a DeadHead you will recognize the name Godchaux as Keith and Donna Godchaux were members of the Grateful Dead in the 70’s and 80’s. Zion is their son.

The crowd was fairly sparse for a Tuesday night, most likely effected by the snow storm and the relative obscurity of the the band. I really did not know if I would enjoy the music but I did. While Kinsman delivered the beat and the base Zion had this soulful voice and interesting guitar licks. Definitely fun music that got the crowd moving. As for me, I decided that dancing on my knee is not quite in the cards yet so I took a seat with a good view and enjoyed the music and the crowd. I stayed for the first set but had to run before the second set as I had to be up by 5:30 AM to catch a flight.

Up next is Bob Weir and the Wolf Brothers at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley CA with my daughter Anja. Till then……………………………….


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