Best Made Plans

January 24th 2020

Tickets to two sold out nights of Railroad Earth at the Belly Up Check

Hotel close to the venue Check

Buddy all teed up to meet me and have fun for the weekend Check

Flights all set coming in Friday leaving Sunday Check

What can go wrong…………………….

Sometimes life does not cooperate. Earlier this week upon returning from the fun TTB shows in Chicago I had to squeeze in a day of skiing at Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Idaho. Good day, new snow, time to rip. The visibility was moving in and out all day. Toward the end of the day the visibility was improving and the South Bowl Chutes had finally came out of the clouds so off we head to get fresh powder. Well on route to the chutes the fog came in and the visibility was suddenly gone, and that was a problem. On the traverse I hit a snow drift at high speed and I went down like a tone of bricks. Shit I am hurt. My ski buddy “Bartzy” (referenced last week) got there and helped me to my feet but I knew my knee was blown out. Called 911 to get patched into Schweitzer Patrol as there was no way I could ski down. Well the conditions on the traverse were to bad to get a snowmobile down to me so the patrol had to evacuate me down the chutes themselves, something that is not often done.

Thank you Schweitzer ski patrol

Well long and short of it I was lucky. I thought I had blown out my ACL or MCL which would have resulted in surgery and six months of rehab. My orthopedic surgeon, who did my hip replacement, got me right in for the exam. Luckily the results were a severely sprained knee. Yea no surgery!!

So the weekend of Railroad Earth had to be scrapped to rest and recover but I will be back in action in early February. I will be heading to two sold out nights with Bob Weir and the Wolf Brothers at the Sweetwater (Bob Weir’s club capacity 350) in Mill Valley CA on 2/10 and 2/11 with my daughter Anja.

Till then,



4 thoughts on “Best Made Plans

  1. Skiing by when? Never had a sprained knee, but know sprains can be more difficult than a break. Keep on Rockin Mr Ted!

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  2. Oh Man Ted so sorry to hear this! But you always have a great attitude and know that adventure and good music still waits for you.


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